Transitional Kindergarten

Pre-School through 8th Grade. Accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association and by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


This month’s theme is “Construction Zone.”  The theme will be about how people make and build all kinds of different things.   The children will explore making and building things, work together to solve problems, and plan together to accomplish a big job.  These are the letters/beginning sounds we will be focusing on:  Bb (Benny Bear), Mm (Mimi Mouse), and Rr (Reggie Rooster.)  In Math, we will continue working on number sense and also learn about measurement.  For Religion, the children will listen to Noah’s Ark, and weekly lessons from the I Am Special program.  We will continue discussing and displaying “acts of kindness.”

Thank you again parents for your generosity and support this school year.  God bless and Happy Valentine’s Day!

TK is in need of the following supplies:  bottled water, Dixie cups, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, and Lysol.  Need toys washed on a regular basis.  Please let us know if you would be willing to do so.  Appreciate it!

School Supplies

Transitional Kindergarten 2018-2019

  1. 2 – (12ct) #2 pencils
  2. 3 – (16ct) regular crayons
  3. 32 – (1 oz) glue sticks
  4. 1 – 5″ pair of scissors (blunt)
  5. 2 – (8ct) washable broad classic markers
  6. 1 – pencil box
  7. 2 – boxes of Kleenex
  8. 3 –  (50pg) 9×12 assorted construction paper
  9. 1 – (4ct) assorted colors fun dough
  10. 2 – pack disinfectant wipes
  11. 1 – bottle of hand sanitizer