Sixth Grade & Science

Pre-School through 8th Grade. Accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association and by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


The supply list follows the articles.

27 August

Week II, and all is well.  We are preparing to present Wednesday’s Assembly about friendship. We received our Bible verses today and the students wrote scripts for their part. All students have a role in the Assembly presentation. Please come and share the good news with us!

The All About Me posters are starting to come in, and these will be available for viewing at Back to School Night, 30 August, 6:00 pm. I can hardly wait to get to know our students better through their definitions about themselves. These are works of art and we look forward to sharing them. I look forward to meeting you, too.

Blessings to all of you!

Mary Pettitt  


18 August

It’s getting closer! I will see you all in 2+ days. Be sure you are here before 8:00 am. Sixth grade handles the flags, and I’d like to put opening day’s flag up together as a class. I’ll teach you the proper flag folding when we take the flag down at 11:45.

You’ll get to meet the new middle school teachers, Mrs. Khan (7th) and  Mrs. Taylor (8th). You will remember Mrs. Khan as Miss Hanna, last year’s resource teacher. I’m Mrs. Pettitt, and yes, I still teach science. 

Students will go home with a St. Adelaide folder filled with important information, including the All About Me project packet. This is due August 27/28, so the creative work needs to be started immediately.   

Remember that Tuesday is a half day. Dismissal is at noon. The staff has an important class to attend Tuesday afternoon. Yes, we go to school too!

Blessings to all of you. We will have a great year.

Ms. Pettitt


14 August

One week! I will see you all in one week! Now is the time to stock up on supplies that you will need more of, this year. Get extra notebooks and pencils. Remember your inexpensive calculator. You will want this for calculator math games. We have fun while we learn. I can hardly wait to see you next week, 21 August. Be here by 0800. Be sure to wear your school uniform.

With God beside us, we will have a wonderful school year!

Ms. M. Pettitt  


St. Adelaide School Supplies for Sixth Grade 2018-19

  1. 1 – (12ct) #2 pencils
  2. 1 – (12 ct) blue  pens – Erasable only
  3. 1 – (12 ct) black pens
  4. 1 – highlighter
  5. 1 – (12”) flexible ruler
  6. 1 – (8ct) long colored pencils
  7. 1 – (8ct) broad washable classic markers
  8. 1 – (200 pg) college lined filler paper (buy more and keep the extra at home)
  9. 6 – pocket folders, misc. colors, one folder with 3-ring
  10. 1 – (7”) pair of scissors
  11. 1 – (80 pg) 4×4 graph paper
  12. 2 – boxes Kleenex (large boxes)
  13. 2 – large containers of Lysol disinfecting wipes & 8oz hand sanitizer
  14. 8 – (70 pg) 1 subject spiral notebook (wide) (buy more and keep the extra at home)
  15. 1 – white board pen
  16. 1 – white board eraser
  17. 2 – composition book
  18. 1 – pocket dictionary
  19. simple calculator
  20. Binder with dividers
  21. Flash drive, low capacity
  22. Pencil box, small
  23. Backpack – Wheeled ones are handy as the books can be heavy.

Please ensure that your child replenishes his/her supplies throughout the school year.

Please be sure your child’s name is on all of the supplies.