Sixth Grade & Science

Pre-School through 8th Grade. Accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association and by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


The supply list follows the articles.

Welcome to Sixth Grade! We are ready to begin this exciting new year in Middle School. Students should have all their supplies with them on the first day, 21 August, which is a half day, with noon dismissal. Please remember to bring all those completed forms your parents received in their packet. Remember the Earthquake Bag, too, with the contact information form completed and enclosed. 

Readers: Do you have your summer reading bingo form completed? You’ll be fastening it to your personal display clipboard. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of books you enjoy reading. I read a lot this summer, too.

I’ll also distribute the information and the poster board for the All About Me posters, which are due 29 August. 

Science – Our first day back is the primo solar event. We will try to project the eclipse’s changes from an internet site. This way we can safely view the crescent shape change as the moon moves between the Earth and our sun. (Parents, students are not allowed outside for the duration of the eclipse, per Diocesan guidelines.) I’m looking forward to this waaay cool event.

With God beside us, we will have a wonderful school year!  


St. Adelaide School Supplies for Sixth Grade 2017-18

  1. 1 – (12ct) #2 pencils
  2. 1 – (12 ct) blue or black pens – Erasable only
  3. 1 – highlighter
  4. 1 – (.21oz) glue sticks
  5. 1 – (12”) flexible ruler
  6. 1 – (8ct) long colored pencils
  7. 1 – (8ct) broad washable classic markers
  8. 1 – (200 pg) college lined filler paper (buy more and keep the extra at home)
  9. 6 – pocket folders, misc. colors
  10. 1 – (7”) pair of scissors
  11. 1 – (80 pg) 4×4 graph paper
  12. 2 – boxes Kleenex (large boxes)
  13. 2 – large containers of Lysol or Clorox disinfecting wipes
  14. 8 – (70 pg) 1 subject spiral notebook (wide) (buy more and keep the extra at home)
  15. 1 – white board pen, wide tip
  16. 1 – white board eraser
  17. 1 – composition book
  18. 1 – pocket dictionary
  19. simple calculator
  20. Binder with dividers
  21. 1 – (8-12oz) pump bottle of hand sanitizer
  22. Flash drive, low capacity

Please ensure that your child replenishes his/her supplies throughout the school year.

Please be sure your child’s name is on all of the supplies.