Third Grade

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Pre-School through 8th Grade. Accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association and by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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Aquinas H.

This year is rushing past us.   Report cards for the 2nd Trimester will be out in just a few short weeks!

Next week is APPRECIATION WEEK!   A calendar of events went home with the students and it looks like next week will be a very interesting one.

Our 3rd grade class is getting geared up for the preparation and planning for the celebration of their 1st Holy Communion.   This is a very exciting and spiritual time for them.   Attire for this special celebration is for the boys to be dressed in slacks (not jeans), a nice shirt with tie and nice shoes. ( A suit would be great but is not required.   Girls are to be dressed in a white dress, long or short, with a white veil or head piece or flowers and white shoes.   Please no spaghetti straps please.   The less skin showing on top, the better.   This is the priest’s request.

There will be a photographer at the Church before the Mass to take pictures of each student.   There will also be a group picture taken of our class.

There will be more detailed information about the mandatory retreat for the children and their parents, the Mass, photography and other info.

Our studies and Earth/planets projects will be coming up in the Spring.   This is a fun and educational time for our class.   More info to follow.

Thank you

     Third Grade school supplies:

  1. 3 – boxes Kleenex /1 containers disinfectant wipes
  2. 1 – school scissors
  3. 1 – (.21oz) glue sticks
  4. 2 – pink or white block erasers
  5. 2 – (12ct) #2 pencils (sharpened) 24 total
  6. 1 – (12”) ruler centimeter & inches
  7. 1 – (8ct) long colored pencils
  8. 1 – (10ct) Crayola washable markers
  9.  2 – folders – 1 red and 1- blue
  10. 1 – pencil bag nylon or small pencil box
  11. 1 – binder 1″ (no bigger than 1″ to hold filler paper)
  12. 1 – (200 pg) wide filler paper
  13. 1 – 2 hole pencil sharpener
  14. 1 – (24 ct) regular crayons
  15. 1- red pen
  16. 2 – yellow highlighters
  17. 1- gallon baggie w/name for all art supplies
  18. 1 – (8-12oz) pump bottle of hand sanitizer
  19. 1 – school size white glue



Please ensure that your child replenishes his/her supplies throughout the school year.   Please be sure your child’s name is on all of their supplies