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Please be sure your little graduate is here by 7:45 on Monday morning. It is free dress – church attire. Come in cap and gown. After the ceremony and pictures, the cap and gown are returned in the parish center. You keep the 2019 tassel! THERE ARE STILL GRADUATION CAP AND GOWN PICTURES AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!Final report cards will be published by the principal and can be downloaded. If you need your passwords, you need to contact the school office. Please make sure your account is settled or you have made arrangements in the business office.Summer school still has openings. It is flexible, by the week or by the day! Free dress and weekly themes. I will be here! Take advantage of the opportunity to keep these little brains learning!RECEPTION – there is a brunch type reception happening in the parish center. Based on your RSVP’s, there are 100 people coming for our little class! That’s great! However, we do need some donations of breakfast type Danish, donuts, fruit.  My class funds from our lunch won’t be enough to cover unfortunately. If you can donate a small food item please contact Destiny at 909 913-9311 or Cherlynn 909 647 5461. We will be decorating at 6PM Sunday if you want to help!

After our festivities on Monday, Kindergarten students are done for the year! I will be posting a summer reading list! It has been an honor to teach these little movers and shakers. They are going to change the world! Congratulations!

St. Adelaide School Supplies

For Kindergarten 2019-2020

  1. 3 – (12ct) #2 pencils
  2. 3 – (16 ct) regular crayons
  3. 3 – 12 pks glue sticks
  4. 1 – 5” pair of scissors (blunt)
  5. 3 – (8ct) washable broad classic markers
  6. 1 – pencil box
  7. 3 – boxes Kleenex
  8. 3 – (50 pg) 9×12 assorted construction paper
  9. 3 – pack disinfectant wipes

Your child’s “extra supplies” will be kept in a labeled zip-lock bag each trimester.  These supplies are ordered by 3, so we can have a fresh set each trimester.

Thank You.

Mrs. Suquett