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Kindergarten News



Dear Kindergarten Parents!

SLE Awards for January  are:

Faithful Catholic Christian – Paige Tran

Effective Life-long  learner –  Joaquin Romero

Responsible Citizen of God’s World – Lovelynn Strong


Thank you for the help with the Kindergarten spaghetti lunch!  It was very successful!



Kindergarten Homework was sent home form February and  March. This is due on March 23.

Focus is  on reading! Please be sure that your students are learning the high  frequency words  for each lesson. Help  them by reading every night.

I sent home Moby Max user ID’s and passwords. Focus on the phonics, sight words and numbers icons  this  month. Please show your students their percentage scores at the beginning  and at the  end  so they can see their growth.

In Math, we are counting higher, paying attention to what comes before and after, looking at  tens and ones and beginning  at numbers  other than one  when we  count.

Please look at the school calendar and read the school newsletter to stay on top of events at school.

If you need parent participation hours…I  am  looking for helpers to read with students and to help  with tutoring  students on Wednesday right  after school. If you are not available during the school d at, t here are other  needs that the school or classroom needs. Please contact me with questions or  concerns!




Special project for religion

Lenten project is due  March 23 with the oldest child in each family











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tSt. Adelaide School Supplies

For Kindergarten 2017-2018

  1. 2 – (12ct) #2 pencils
  2. 3 – (16 ct) regular crayons
  3. 32 – glue sticks
  4. 1 – 5” pair of scissors (blunt)
  5. 2 – (8ct) washable broad classic markers
  6. 1 – pencil box
  7. 2 – boxes Kleenex
  8. 2 – (50 pg) 9×12 assorted construction paper
  9. 1 – (4 ct) assorted colors fun dough
  10. 2 pack disinfectant wipes
  11. 1 (8-12oz) pump bottle of hand sanitizer

Your child’s “extra supplies” will be kept in a labeled zip-lock bag replenished as needed.