Dear Kinder Parents,

We have our one and only fundraiser on Friday Feb 22 (it was on the calendar for Feb 15, this has changed). It is a spaghetti lunch. Last year, we ordered the spaghetti from Antonio’s in Highland. We were able to get some donations from parents and I paid for a tray and so it was all profit. If we pay out of the lunch money, we will just make whatever is over the cost. The lunch was spaghetti, salad and a roll with small water bottles.

So, are you willing to help serve at lunch that day? Or help  with the cost of the food? Pick up the food from Antonio’s?  donate small water bottles. Send me a message and let me know how you can help.

This fundraiser covers the cost of kindergarten promotion ceremony and reception. If there is anything left after that, I will use it for building  manipulatives for the classroom.

We will send out a pre-order form for the lunch.

Thank you.