Pre-School through 8th Grade. Accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association and by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Preschool News

General News…

In the month of May the children will be working on Theme 9, “Growing and Changing.”

The children will observe how they have changed over time, that nature changes too, and investigate signs of growth in spring.

They will be introduced to the following letters and Alphafriends:  Gg (Gertie Goose,) Ee (Edna Elephant,) and Dd (Dudley Duck.)

During Math, the children will review number sense, symmetry, measurement, and classification.

In Religion we will continue teaching the children from the “I Am Special” program and learn about Mother Mary.

May crowning will take place in a few weeks…more info. to follow.


Mrs. Muldoon & Ms. Valerie


Please make sure you are signing with complete signatures in the sign in/out books.

Parent participation needs for May:  We are in need of Dixie drinking cups, paper towels, water bottles, play dough, paint brushes, and fingerpaint.

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