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April 5, 2019

“Mercy renews and redeems because it is the meeting of two hearts: the heart of God who comes to meet the human heart. The latter is warmed and healed by the former. Our hearts of stone become hearts of flesh (cf. Ezek 36:26) capable of love despite our sinfulness. I come to realize that I am truly a ‘new creation’ (Gal 6:15): I am loved, therefore I exist; I am forgiven, therefore I am reborn; I have been shown mercy, therefore I have become a vessel of mercy.” — Pope Francis

Please read the latest on our progress toward our goals and other information…


The school staff has made a concerted effort to ensure that our students are safe, and our campus is secure. All adults that interact with our students must undergo a check through the Department of Justice. In addition, they must go through a Safe Environment training through the Diocese of San Bernardino. All drivers must take a training through our insurance provider, Catholic Mutual. These requirements are consistently checked to ensure that all are still in compliance.

The school grounds are locked during school hours and all must enter through our buzz-in gate system. All adults that come on campus must check in to the school office and receive a visitor or volunteer sticker. In addition, all classroom doors are locked during the school day. Several classroom door locks have been replaced with ones that automatically lock.

Our dismissal procedures are in place to ensure that students are safe. All students are dismissed from the classroom and parents must come to the classroom door to receive their child. At 3pm, all remaining students are walked to Extended Care by their teacher. The school staff has found this procedure to be much safer than the previous process which had cars on the campus.

The school recently added an outdoor PA system which is connected to our phone system. We can use this system from any phone on campus to alert students of a concern and guide them to safety.

Safety drills are conducted monthly.

Campus safety checks are done daily, and monthly safety reports are submitted to the Diocese. Safety concerns are dealt with promptly. There were concerns regarding the condition of the blacktop. Since the school was unable to afford $200,000 to replace the surface, we did several repairs. We continue to monitor and will repair as needed.

Two areas of security that we still want to address are fencing and security cameras. Adding a curve to the fence along Church Avenue and completing the fencing from Baseline to the rolling gate off the front parking lot will cost ~$9000. Part of this project will be completed during our Easter Break. We have one quote for a camera system for $12,000. We are getting an additional quote this week.

As you can see, we need to find funding for these two projects. We currently have $2700 set aside in our security funds. We are seeking help from the Knights of Columbus. A letter was submitted, and we are awaiting a response, hopefully this week after they meet. (The letter was submitted several months ago; however, they have not had a quorum at their last few meetings.) In addition, our School Board is actively working on a donation letter which will be sent out to potential donors. The letter will include several options of funding levels as well as a list of options to focus their donation. The School Board is also writing grants. They have identified possible funders and we are also getting additional grant opportunities from the Director of Advancement from the Office of Catholic Schools. Additionally, our PTG is sponsoring a Pancake Breakfast on Palm Sunday. The profits from this will be put toward security.

How can you help?

  • Support our Pancake Breakfast; attend and/or help out
  • Help with writing grants
  • Identifying funders
  • Donating toward these projects
  • Help get letters out to funders

Please let Ms. Malouf know how you can help! Call (909) 862-5851 or email

Campus Cleanliness/Bathrooms

The school continues to address the need to maintain a clean and orderly learning environment for our students. In addition to daily cleaning by our custodian, we entered into a contract with a company to provide weekly cleaning and supply replenishing for our restrooms. The company has not lived up to their promises and as a result we have contracted with a new company to meet our needs. This company will begin working during our Easter break. Our staff members check restrooms throughout the day to ensure things are properly maintained. Students are encouraged to keep the restrooms clean by disposing of trash properly, not bringing food into the restrooms and not misusing soap or supplies. Students are asked to report any concerns regarding supplies, etc. to their teachers or a staff member. One of our teachers has instituted a contest between the older boys and girls (grades 3-8) to see who can maintain a cleaner restroom. During a recent Beautification Day, two of our staff members added decals to the walls to add some inspirational messages for our students. We would still like to have some decorative painting done in our bathrooms. (Bathrooms walls were painted at the beginning of the school year) If you would like to get a group of parents to take the lead on this project, please let Ms. Malouf know.

The school will be enlisting the help of Aquinas students and scouts to work on some weeding of planters. We know there is more to do, and more hands will help make the workload lighter. We would like to have a Beautification Day in May. If you can help, please let Ms. Malouf know and we will plan a specific date that works for most everyone.


Our School Board is working with Ms. Malouf to finish a grant for $100,000 to San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. This will include additional iPads, accessories and upgrade to infrastructure to support additional technology. We are hoping that they will see the need we expressed in our grant and support our project for our students.

Ms. Malouf has expressed the technology needs to our diocese. We anticipate receiving an additional 30 iPads from Caritas Communications, Diocese of San Bernardino.

We recently purchased iPad carts to easily transport technology to the classrooms and keep them secure and charged.

Three of our staff members recently attended a conference focused on technology in education. We send staff members each year to this valuable professional development. The teachers share the information learned to enhance the use of technology for all our students and teachers.


Our school looks for varied ways to market our school. Some of these ways are through formal means, such as ads in the Highland Community News and our Parish bulletin. We also have a Facebook page and Instagram that highlight the great things happening at our school. Pages from our FB are often shared by other users. We also look for ways to increase visibility and “get our name out there”. We have developed a relationship with the Highland Community News and regularly ask them to cover events. Also, our students are regularly highlighted with their drawings in “A Kid’s View of the Weather”. Our school recently marketed the school (the only school present) with a booth at the Citrus Harvest Festival. Many of our students were recognized at this event as winners of art and poetry contests. We take advantage of opportunities to increase visibility with our parish community. Our upcoming PTG Pancake breakfast is a great way to market our school. We are asking our older students to come in uniform to help serve at this event. We recently invited some parishioners to read to our students during Read Across America Day.

The best marketing for our school is you, our school families. Help us to get the word out to the public about the greatness of our school!

We have been looking at ways to improve our school website. We have budgeted for a new website for our new school year. Look for more information to come!

Preschool Expansion

We are growing! Our preschool has consistently done well for the last several years and we are looking to expand our licensed facility. Right now, we have capacity for 25. We have submitted a grant and hope to relocate our licensed preschool to the TK room and possibly the kindergarten room. This will allow for more enrollments as well as needed updates to that facility. We are excited about this possibility and pray that our proposal is accepted. We will keep you posted!

2019-2020 School Year

Letters of intent for the new school year went go home this week. Please save your child’s spot for next year. These are due by May 1st.

Please note that our tuition has not changed. However, the way to reach your fundraising obligation of $650 has changed. The school is requiring a minimum of $100 of that $650 to come from Scrip credit. We want all our families to participate in this program and see how easy it is to get credit for things that you already purchase (food, gas, etc.). It is simply using gift cards instead of cash. The remaining $550 can also be achieved through Scrip or through our other fundraising opportunities offered throughout the year.

Cost of Education

Did you know the national average cost of educating a child in the public school is $11,762? How do we do it for so much less? With your help, we make up that difference through fundraising and creative ways to find funding. Our staff and parents are generous beyond measure to help make our school thrive!

Summer School

Give your child the gift of confidence, personalized learning, experiential learning, challenge, socialization and fun. Sign them up for our Summer School today. Brochures went home with your child. You can choose the entire program or just the weeks you want. Each week has a specific theme and the students will have part of the day devoted to academics. Please see Mrs. Suquett or Ms. Malouf for any questions.

Pancake Fundraiser

Our PTG will be sponsoring a Pancake breakfast after all the morning Masses on Palm Sunday, April 14th. The breakfast will include pancakes, eggs, sausage and fruit for only $5. We will also have Easter pictures featuring the Easter Bunny! Please come out and support. Our profit will help pay for security needs at our school.

We could use your help! Please let our PTG know or call the office if you can help. Our middle school students can help serve. All who help will earn service hours.

Middle School Electives

Did you know that our middle school students have the opportunity to take an elective? They can learn about criminal investigation, Spanish, photography, genealogy, and Lives of the Saints. Fr. Alex has volunteered to teach a class this trimester! You could do the same…if you would like to share your talents with our students, please let Ms. Malouf know.

Citrus Harvest Festival

Our students participated in poetry and art contests for the Citrus Harvest Festival. The following students won and were recognized at the event: Carina Moretti, Alivia Martinez, Zoie Belaza, Paige Tran, Elizabeth Devine, Jett Chrisman, Lila Rojas, Jaelyn Torres, Kyann Nguyen, Rebecca Garcia, Isabel Cardenas, Natalie Garcia, Edwin Valle, Kailee Valdez, Sarah Casillas, Alexis Landagora, Mikayla Mendoza, Nikki Torres, Seann Torres and Diego Aviles. We are proud of you!

Lunch Policy

Parents are encouraged to provide nutritious lunches and snacks for their children. Soda drinks, energy drinks, sunflower seeds in shells, candy or gum are not allowed at any time. Any lunches being delivered must be brought to the school office. Students may only wait at the office (not at any gate) for lunch to be delivered. No fast food lunches are permitted for students.

St. Adelaide School is a peanut-free/ nut-free school. Due to severe allergies of several students, parents may not send products containing nuts to school for student consumption. These allergies are life threatening.

Rice Bowls

During this season of Lent, we have chosen Operation Rice Bowl, a project sponsored by Catholic Relief Services as our Lenten service project. Our students were given the opportunity to hear from a missionary from Ghana regarding the conditions and needs in that country. We want to make a difference in the lives of children who are less fortunate than we are. Students received Rice Bowls to contribute their offerings. Please return your boxes during Holy Week. For more information, go to

School Cents

Do you shop at the Inland Center Mall? You could help our school by logging your receipts. All you do is take the receipts of anything you purchase at the Inland Center Mall, even food purchases, to the Guest Services Desk and ask them to stamp the receipts for St. Adelaide School. You can also log in your receipts online by going to  A third option is to bring your receipts to the school office. We receive 50 points per dollar spent and 150 points for every dollar spent at Macy’s, San Bernardino. Your help can result in the school receiving up to $2000 in merchandise/supplies. This program runs through May 31st.

Macy’s receipts earn 6x points through April 30th.

There will be an E-Waste Recycling event on Saturday, May 11th at the Inland Center Mall. You can bring us your items with electronic screens on Friday, May 10th and we will donate them. We receive 2000 points for each item.

Hit the Books

Our students participated in this reading program. By reading daily, they were given tickets to a 66ers Baseball Game on. Bring your bookmarks to the game for an extra prize! We love any program that encourages reading!

Restaurant Fundraisers

We raised $225.25 at our BJs fundraiser in January. Our Panda Express fundraiser was well attended, and we will report our profit when the totals are provided to us. We have two additional restaurant fundraisers coming up. Look for details to come. Thanks to all who support these opportunities to raise some extra money as well as have fellowship and visibility.

See’s Candy Fundraiser

Thank you to the 21 families who participated in our fundraiser. They earned a total of $974.19 toward their fundraising obligation. Candy should arrive on Friday, April 12th. We will send a Remind message to let you know when it is available for pick-up.

I thank you for your commitment to Catholic education and all that you do to support St. Adelaide Academy. I invite you to become involved in our school community.  If you have resources that would help our school, please let me know.


Ms. Malouf, Principal

Schedule for Holy Week, Triduum and Easter at St. Adelaide Church:

  • Palm Sunday, April 14th


Masses: 7:30am, 9am, 11am, 1pm (Spanish) and 5pm

  • Holy Thursday, April 18

The Lord’s Supper

Passion Play @ 10

Bilingual Mass 7pm (Washing of the Feet)

Adoration 9pm – 12am in the Parish Center

  • Good Friday, April 19

Walking Stations of the Cross 3pm

The Lord’s Passion 5pm (English) 7pm (Spanish)

  • Holy Saturday, April 20

Easter Vigil 8pm (Bilingual)

  • Easter Sunday, April 21

Masses: 7:30am, 9am, 11am, 1pm (Spanish)

No 5pm Mass

This Year’s Theme – “Speak Gently, Love Kindly, Walk Humbly”