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November 27, 2017

Welcome back to school. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving break. For me, it was a time to reflect on the many blessings God has given me. Among those blessings are you, the community of St. Adelaide’s, who give selflessly of your time and talents to create a family atmosphere for our students to thrive both spiritually and academically. Thank you for supporting me and our school staff. You are a blessing!

Next Sunday begins the season of Advent. Beginning the Church’s liturgical year, Advent (from, “ad-venire” in Latin or “to come to”) is the season encompassing the four Sundays (and weekdays) leading up to the celebration of Christmas.

The Advent season is a time of preparation that directs our hearts and minds to Christ’s second coming at the end of time and also to the anniversary of the Lord’s birth on Christmas. The final days of Advent, from December 17 to December 24, focus particularly on our preparation for the celebrations of the Nativity of our Lord (Christmas).

Advent devotions remind us of the meaning of the season. The Advent wreath is constructed of a circle of evergreen branches into which are inserted four candles (advent candles), three of the candles are violet and one is rose. The rose candle is lit the third Sunday of Advent, for this color anticipates and symbolizes the Christmas joy.

An Advent calendar can be made for the four weeks before Christmas. On the calendar, a person can mark the calendar with personal goals of preparation or acts of service to be done for others.

Christmas lights symbolize Christ, the Light of the World. Our Advent calendar above can help you fully enter in to the season with daily activity and prayer suggestions to prepare you spiritually for the birth of Jesus Christ. 

The Jesse Tree represents Jesus’ family tree. The symbols come from the book of Isaiah and tell of Jesus’ ancestors and the events leading to Jesus’ birth. One symbol is added each day of Advent.

Hopefully this information will be of use to you and your family as you find ways to prepare your hearts for the birth of our Lord.

Please refer to our newsletters, handbook and Remind messages to stay informed.



Ms. Malouf



Prayer Corner

Please pray for those in our school family who need our prayers: Rose Torres. Please pray for the victims of disasters and violence.


Educational Field Trips

Our students in grades 4-6 have an opportunity to go on an educational field trip to Sacramento. The 7th and 8th graders may go to Washington DC.  The trip registration deadlines have been extended to December 8th. Please refer to your packet or call the school office to get more information.


Scrip Sales

Don’t forget to pick up some Scrip for your Christmas purchases. Do you have someone on your list that is hard to buy for? Buy them a Scrip gift card! Scrip will be sold every Wednesday afternoon from 2:30-3:15 and Friday morning from 7:30-8:15. You can also preorder your Scrip using forms in the office. If you are interested in purchasing scrip online, please email Janet LaTourette at (no physical cards).



Each year the Diocese accepts applications for the Bishop’s Endowment Fund Scholarships. If you have a financial need, please come into the school office to get an application. All applications must be returned to Ms. Malouf by January 30th. No late or incomplete applications will be considered.

All tuition assistance provided by the diocese or the school is re-evaluated each year and must have the proper financial documentation accompanying the request for assistance. In-house scholarships will only be considered for those who apply for the Bishop’s Endowment. Please see Ms. Malouf if you have any questions.


Field Trips

All adults who attend field trips or help on school grounds must have a background check, pass a safe environment test on the diocesan website, and take an online driver training. Background checks can take up to 10 days. Please see your child’s teacher or the school office for more information.


Secret Santa Shop

We are providing the students an opportunity to experience the joy of choosing their own special Christmas gifts for family and friends. The shop is set up in the teachers’ work area. Students will preview the shop on Monday and have an opportunity to shop on Tuesday. Adults will be available to help students choose that perfect gift! There is a variety of items ranging in price. Please allow your child the opportunity to experience the joy of giving by sending them with money to purchase gifts. The shop will also be open during conferences on Wednesday through Friday from 1-3:30. If you can help with the shop, please call the school office.



All visitors/volunteers on campus must check in at the office and receive a visitor’s badge. Visitors/volunteers must be background cleared and safe environment trained. Information for clearance is in the school office. NO parents are allowed in the classroom to observe without permission from the Principal.


New Dismissal Procedure

Our new dismissal procedure is working! Keeping the students in the classroom and cars out of the playground has allowed a very safe dismissal period. Thank you for your cooperation.




One Lunch

Every first Wednesday of the month we will have a “whole-school” lunch. The goal is to allow the students to interact in a positive way, with our older students taking on a leadership role. The lunch will be from 11:40-12:20. We will need extra support during these special lunches. Please come out to help!


Thanksgiving Baskets

Thank you for your generous support of food for our parish’s Thanksgiving Baskets. Your donations blessed many families who would not have been able to provide a meal for the holiday. May God bless you abundantly.


School Cents Program

The School Cents program began on September 1st.  All you do is take the receipts of anything you buy at the Inland Center Mall, even food purchases, to the Guest Services desk and ask them to stamp the receipts for St. Adelaide School.  You can also log in your points online by going to We receive 50 points per dollar spent and 150 points for every dollar spent at Macys. San Bernardino. Any Black Friday shopping gives us extra points. We receive 3000 Bonus points for any cosmetic and/or fragrance purchases at Macy’s during November and December. Santa photo receipts earn 1000 Bonus Points. Your efforts can result in our school receiving up to $2000 in merchandise/supplies. There will be free dress for turning in receipts on Tuesday, December 5th.


Parent Conferences

Conferences will be held during the afternoons of November 29, 30, and December 1. These are minimum days for the students. Teachers sent messages to schedule. If you do not have a scheduled conference, please see your child’s teacher at the beginning of the week.



Students are required to be in proper uniform every day. Mass attire including ties for the boys must be worn every Friday. Dyed, spiked, or shaved hair or other fad/radical hairstyles are not permitted and must be corrected immediately.

Please refer to the school handbook for guidelines. If you need to purchase uniforms, please go online at


St. Adelaide Facebook Page

Did you know our school has an official Facebook page sponsored by the school?  It is called the “Official St. Adelaide Academy”.   We are using this to give you information and pictures of all the great things happening at our school.  Like us!!



We are being proactive in addressing the security needs of the school. At this time, our primary focus is keeping the students safe during the school day. All school gates are locked during school hours, except for the entry gate closest to the office. In addition, the classroom doors are locked during the day. All staff are being vigilant and know the process for lockdowns. We have changed our pick-up process to ensure the safety of our children. Going forward, we are in the process of getting a buzz-in entry gate and automatic rolling gates. We will add peepholes and stronger deadbolt locks to all doors. We are also planning to get cameras installed, to keep the grounds safe in the evenings and weekends. I am in the process of approaching an outside source for help to offset the expense of these security measures. If you can be of assistance with a funding resource, please see me. Thank you for your concern and support. God bless you and your family!




Christmas Boutique

Our boutique was a big success. Thank you to all the parents and staff who organized and worked the event. We raised over $600 and provided a great event for the community.



Congratulations to our B Football and A Volleyball teams for reaching the playoffs. They fought hard in their games. We are proud of all our teams for their great sportsmanship and hard work throughout the season. Well done, Mustangs! We will celebrate our football and volleyball teams at a Sports Banquet this Friday, December 1st at 6. Please RSVP to Coach Leo today.


Advent Family Night

Our annual Advent Family Night will be Wednesday, December 6th at 6pm. Please bring your family and a dessert to share. It will be a time for fellowship, faith, and craft making.  Fr. Alex will join us to talk about Advent and preparing our hearts for Christmas. Look for a flyer and RSVP. We would love to see all our families there. This is another great way to get to know other school families!



We are currently preparing for our next WCEA/WASC accreditation review, which will take place in 2019. As part of our commitment to this ongoing process we are inviting parents to participate in a parent survey. The purpose of this survey is to engage the school community in a self-examination process and gather data from parents who, as primary stakeholders, will provide input that helps the school define its strengths and weaknesses.

We are sending the survey out in three parts. Part one (pink) asks for your feedback on the school’s Catholic Identity. This part was sent home November 16th and was due Monday, November 27th. Part two (yellow) asks for your feedback on Curriculum. You will receive this survey on Monday, November 27th, and are asked to return it by Monday, December 4th. Part three (green) asks for your feedback on General School Plant/Operations. You will receive this survey on Monday, December 4th, and are asked to return it by Monday, December 11th. Your child will receive Free Dress each Monday that the survey is returned.

All data collected from these surveys will be carefully analyzed and will serve as a valuable resource for compiling the WASC report. The data will also be used to gain a better understanding of our strengths, as well as areas that we need to improve upon. Thanks in advance for your responses and your commitment to Catholic education.

This Year’s Theme – “Speak Gently, Love Kindly, Walk Humbly”



Important Dates


11/29   Minimum Day/Parent Conferences

Secret Santa shop open 1-3:30

No Schoolwide Tutoring

11/30   Minimum Day/Parent Conferences

Secret Santa shop open 1-3:30

12/1     School Mass at 8:15

Minimum Day/Parent Conferences

Secret Santa shop open 1-3:30

Sports Banquet @ 6

12/2     Mrs. Kluge’s birthday

12/4     Trimester Awards @ 8:15 in Parish Center

Student Council Meeting @ 3

PTG Meeting @ 6:30

12/5     Penance Service @ 10

School Cents Free Dress

12/6     Schoolwide Tutoring 3-3:30

Advent Family Night @ 6 in School Hall

12/7     Bishop’s Golf Classic

Yearbook Meeting @ 3

12/8     Feast of the Immaculate Conception

School Mass @ 8:15

Advent Class Retreats

Middle School Progress Reports

1st Grade Bake Sale

Did you know we have an increasing number of students who are allergic to peanuts? The allergy can become worse with each episode. The allergic reaction may come when ingesting peanuts or touching something a person with peanuts has touched. The usual reaction for severe allergy is anaphylactic shock. We will have epi-pens on campus. We would like to avoid having peanut products at school as there may be other students who this allergy that have not been diagnosed. How can you help our students? Please do not send peanut butter to school or anything that is peanut-based. We strongly suggest you look at each item you purchase for your child to see if peanuts is listed in boldface on the ingredients. Most products are changing because of the increase of peanut allergies in the general population. The school lunch program does have a peanut butter sandwich offered twice a month.  There is nothing we can do about that. We contract our lunch program with the San Bernardino City Unified School District and unfortunately they do include the peanut butter sandwich.