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March 20, 2018

 Lent is a wonderful time in our liturgical year to reflect and strengthen our relationship with God. Pope Francis says, “Lent summons us, and enables us, to come back to the Lord wholeheartedly and in every aspect of our life.”

As we continue our journey through Lent, I included an article in this newsletter to reflect upon as we get closer to Easter.

 Schedule for Holy Week, Triduum and Easter at St. Adelaide Church:

  • Palm Sunday, March 25


Masses: 7:30am, 9am, 11am, 1pm (Spanish) and 5pm

  • Holy Thursday, March 29

The Lord’s Supper

Bilingual Mass 7pm (Washing of the Feet)

Adoration 9pm – 12am in the Parish Center

  • Good Friday, March 30

Walking Stations of the Cross 3pm

The Lord’s Passion 5pm (English) 7pm (Spanish)

  • Holy Saturday, March 31

Easter Vigil 8pm (Bilingual)

  • Easter Sunday, April 1

Masses: 7:30am, 9am, 11am, 1pm (Spanish)

No 5pm Mass

 Please refer to our newsletters, calendars, Remind messages, website and handbook to stay informed.


Ms. Malouf


Prayer Corner

Please pray for those in our school family who need our prayers:

Rose Torres, Smiley Hernandez & the repose of the souls of Mrs. Pettitt’s father, Nathan Tuttle-Kamon’s grandfather and Ernie Paramo. Please pray for Andrew Ramirez, principal at St. George in Ontario who is in the hospital. Please pray for the victims of the shooting in Parkland, Florida and all victims of violence.

Lent Family Project

Instead of having a Lenten family night, we are asking each family to complete a family project for Lent. This project is due March 23 and the students will receive participation points in Religion for completion.

The project should focus on one of the three things we are called to do; pray, fast, share

You can be creative with this project. It can be an art-related project, a family-created prayer that you say together during Lent, a family community service project, a healthy lifestyle change, a family tradition you decide on, you can write a song, or any other idea you may come up with as a family.

You will need to submit a concrete project on March 23. Again, be creative! The oldest child in each family will bring the project to their classroom that day. The oldest child will present the project, however we will display them in front of the classrooms for sharing throughout the day.    Projects can be submitted on poster board, as an art piece, a collage, a video, or a booklet. These are some suggestions. However, these are just suggestions. Our goal is for this to be parent-led and family-inspired and to create a spiritual opportunity for you to live Lent in your homes.

We hope you have fun with this! If you have questions, please ask your classroom teacher.

Scrip Sales

Scrip is sold on Wednesdays after school and Friday mornings before school. You can also preorder your Scrip if you can’t be at school during the sales times. If you are interested in purchasing scrip online, please email Janet LaTourette at (no physical cards).


We are in the process of getting a buzz-in entry gate. It should be installed by the time we return from Easter break. The classroom doors and gates are locked during the school day. All staff are being vigilant and know the process for lockdowns. We will be adding stronger deadbolts to all doors. Cameras and additional fencing are being looked at for additional security. We are approaching an outside source to assist with funding of these security measures. If you can be of assistance with a funding source, please see Ms. Malouf. Thank you for your concern and support.

Prayer for Peace

On Wednesday, March 14th we had a beautiful Living Rosary for the victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting. Please continue to pray for these victims, their families and an end to violence in our world.

Holy Childhood Boxes

All students receive Holy Childhood boxes at the beginning of Lent. They were asked to make contributions in their box to help the missions. Please return the boxes by Thursday, March 29th. If you lost the box but would still like a donation, please send it in an envelope marked HCA. Thank you for your generosity.

E-Waste Event

An E-Waste Recycling event will be held on Saturday and Sunday, March 24 & 25 from 9am-4pm in the Inland Center Mall parking lot. Our school will receive 2000 School Cents points for every screen item 4” or larger. This includes televisions, phones and computer monitors. If you would like to support the school, but cannot make it to the Mall that weekend, you can drop off items at the school office by Friday, March 23rd.

School Cents

Do you shop at the Inland Center Mall? You could help our school by logging your receipts. All you do is take the receipts of anything you purchase at the Inland Center Mall, even food purchases, to the Guest Services Desk and ask them to stamp the receipts for St. Adelaide School. You can also log in your receipts online by going to  A third option is to bring your receipts to the school office. We receive 50 points per dollar spent and 150 points for every dollar spent at Macy’s, San Bernardino. Your help can result in the school receiving up to $2000 in merchandise/supplies.

Bishop’s Poster Contest

Congratulations to Seann Torres, a seventh grader, who won the 2018 Catholic Schools poster contest for the second year in a row. Seann competed against all the students in the diocese from kindergarten to 12th grade. He will be honored at the Bishop’s Dinner in April. In addition, Jaelyn Torres in third grade won first place in her division, grades 3-5. We are proud of both students. Their artwork is featured in this month’s edition of the Inland Catholic Byte.

World’s Finest and Pretzel Fundraiser

Have you met your fundraising obligation? We still have a few boxes of World’s Finest chocolates in the office. Check out a box. 45% will go toward your fundraising. Our last fundraiser is chocolate covered pretzels. You can begin checking these boxes out next week.


Students are required to be in proper uniform every day. Students must wear uniform jackets or sweaters only. Boots are not acceptable as part of the uniform. Mass attire including ties for the boys must be worn every Friday. Dyed, spiked or shaved hair or other fad/radical hairstyles are not permitted and must be corrected immediately.

Please refer to the handbook for guidelines. If you need to purchase uniforms, please go online at:

Citrus Harvest Festival/Winners

On Saturday, March 24th Highland will hold their annual Citrus Harvest Festival. It is held at the Palm and Pacific area from 10-3:30. It is a great family event with all types of vendors, food and entertainment. Our school will have a booth to promote our school. If you would like to help, please see Ms. Malouf.

Our students participated in some contests and will be awarded at the event. The winners are:

Coloring Contest – Savannah Ontiveros (K) – 1st place

Poetry Contest – Paige Drofycz (1) – 1st place

Natalia Maldonado (1) – 2nd place

Noah Casillas (1) – 3rd place

Citrus Label Design – Fifth Grade:

Edwin Valle – 1st place

Izabella Duarte – 2nd place

Natalie Garcia – 3rd place

Citrus Label Design – Sixth Grade:

Mikayla Mendoza – 1st place

Alexis Landagora – 2nd place

Citrus Label Design – Seventh Grade:

Seann Torres – 1st place

Nikki Torres – 2nd place

Maria Chalappuram – 3rd place

Citrus Label Design – Eighth Grade:

Delani Nevarez – 1st place

Natalie Henriquez – 2nd place

Abein Abraham – 3rd place

 SLE Awards for February

Faithful Catholic Christian:             Responsible Citizen of God’s World:

Malia Macias (PS)                             David Jasso (PS)

Vienna Nguyen (PS)                          Ashbel Sibichen (PS)

Abel Sibichen (TK)                           Jeremiah Baca (TK)

London Paramo (K)                            Dean Estrada (K)

Chuky Nguyen (1)                              Evelyn Altamirano (1)

Mickey Cuevas (2)                             Honesty Ellis (2)

Nathaniel Butac (3)                          Nathan Swartz (3)

Ella Altamirano (4)                           Hailey Estrada (4)

Jackie Chrisman (5)                         Diego Caldera (5)

Valentino DeBellis (6)                       Alexis Landagora (6)

Roni Morales (7)                                Josiah Flores (7)

Ariana Luna (8)                                 Sebastian Benitez (8)

 Effective Lifelong Learner:

Vihn Nguyen (PS)

Alexander Bisquera (PS)

Alexander Jimenez (TK)

Mackenzie Hickerson (K)

Louis Strong (1)

Laurel Fesmire (2)

Roger Maciel (3)

Isabel Cardenas (4)

Nathan Tuttle-Kamon (5)

Sarah Casillas (6)

Donovan Orajel (7)

Natalie Henriquez (8)

Journey to the Foot of the Cross:
Bishop Ricken Offers 10 Things to Remember For Lent

Bishop David L. Ricken of Green Bay, Wisconsin, former chairman of the Committee on Evangelization and Catechesis of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), offers “10 Things to Remember for Lent”:

  1. Remember the formula. The Church does a good job capturing certain truths with easy-to-remember lists and formulas: 10 Commandments, 7 sacraments, 3 persons in the Trinity. For Lent, the Church gives us almost a slogan—Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving—as the three things we need to work on during the season.
  2. It’s a time of prayer. Lent is essentially an act of prayer spread out over 40 days. As we pray, we go on a journey, one that hopefully brings us closer to Christ and leaves us changed by the encounter with him.
  3. It’s a time to fast. With the fasts of Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, meatless Fridays, and our personal disciplines interspersed, Lent is the only time many Catholics these days actually fast. And maybe that’s why it gets all the attention. “What are you giving up for Lent? Hotdogs? Beer? Jelly beans?” It’s almost a game for some of us, but fasting is actually a form of penance, which helps us turn away from sin and toward Christ.
  4. It’s a time to work on discipline. The 40 days of Lent are also a good, set time to work on personal discipline in general. Instead of giving something up, it can be doing something positive. “I’m going to exercise more. I’m going to pray more. I’m going to be nicer to my family, friends and coworkers.”
  5. It’s about dying to yourself. The more serious side of Lenten discipline is that it’s about more than self-control – it’s about finding aspects of yourself that are less than Christ-like and letting them die. The suffering and death of Christ are foremost on our minds during Lent, and we join in these mysteries by suffering, dying with Christ and being resurrected in a purified form.
  6. Don’t do too much. It’s tempting to make Lent some ambitious period of personal reinvention, but it’s best to keep it simple and focused. There’s a reason the Church works on these mysteries year after year. We spend our entire lives growing closer to God. Don’t try to cram it all in one Lent. That’s a recipe for failure.
  7. Lent reminds us of our weakness. Of course, even when we set simple goals for ourselves during Lent, we still have trouble keeping them. When we fast, we realize we’re all just one meal away from hunger. In both cases, Lent shows us our weakness. This can be painful, but recognizing how helpless we are makes us seek God’s help with renewed urgency and sincerity.
  8. Be patient with yourself. When we’re confronted with our own weakness during Lent, the temptation is to get angry and frustrated. “What a bad person I am!” But that’s the wrong lesson. God is calling us to be patient and to see ourselves as he does, with unconditional love.
  9. Reach out in charity. As we experience weakness and suffering during Lent, we should be renewed in our compassion for those who are hungry, suffering or otherwise in need. The third part of the Lenten formula is almsgiving. It’s about more than throwing a few extra dollars in the collection plate; it’s about reaching out to others and helping them without question as a way of sharing the experience of God’s unconditional love.
  10. Learn to love like Christ. Giving of ourselves in the midst of our suffering and self-denial brings us closer to loving like Christ, who suffered and poured himself out unconditionally on cross for all of us. Lent is a journey through the desert to the foot of the cross on Good Friday, as we seek him out, ask his help, join in his suffering, and learn to love like him.


March 26th  Trimester Awards @ 8:15 in the Church

March 29th Minimum Day/Holy Thursday

              No Extended Care

March 30th  Good Friday/No School

April 2-6    Easter Vacation

April 9th     School Resumes


Did you know we have an increasing number of students who are allergic to peanuts? The allergy can become worse with each episode. The allergic reaction may come when ingesting peanuts or touching something a person with peanuts has touched. The usual reaction for severe allergy is anaphylactic shock. We will have epi-pens on campus. We would like to avoid having peanut products at school as there may be other students who this allergy that have not been diagnosed. How can you help our students? Please do not send peanut butter to school or anything that is peanut-based. We strongly suggest you look at each item you purchase for your child to see if peanuts is listed in boldface on the ingredients. Most products are changing because of the increase of peanut allergies in the general population. The school lunch program does have a peanut butter sandwich offered twice a month.  There is nothing we can do about that. We contract our lunch program with the San Bernardino City Unified School District and unfortunately they do include the peanut butter sandwich.